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GSA Minutes 2-14-13

Brian, Skyler, Austin, Dario, Brenten, James, Hellen, Joey, Nick

Imagine you are 10 years older and what do you think you will be doing?

Dana: Harassing sister because she is younger sister.
Brain: Laugh at all the past Valentine Days from the ten years prior.  
Dario: Hanging out with Justin.
Skylar, Still in school, lonely.
Austin: alive, don’t know what?
Brenten: romantic V-day with someone
James: on a date, won’t be lonely, just chill
Hellen: Don’t like commercial, being with people I care about, tradition have lobster and watch princess bride or any movie, or and alone.
Nick: depends, spending with future husband, romantically,
Joey: studying and sleeping, just lots of sleeping, just woke up, spending in a foreign country rich, only gay guy professional track for soccer.   

Today:Go over DOS and Equality phone bank.

Before DOS put posters around campus, and a video ad or a poster ad on the Union TV entrance,
Hang posters at dining halls
Day before, have a booth with information, and put fliers in dorms or hand them to RA’s

The present day of DOS
-Info booth: with cards and pins, have two ribbons/armbands one for silent, and the other talkers,
-Also have a person’s story to show at the booth, have a card that explains DOS and why they are not talking, put flyer all around campus,
-We are going to get ribbons, cameo pattern and zebra pattern,
--Red: supporting/anybody
--Cameo: arttic blue cameo for silent people.
-Fliers: make a design for them, also have a big poster made with and easel in dinning halls

Theme for DOS dance: cameo-flawsh theme, (hiding/blending in with the background scenery,
-Safari hide-away
-Break the Ice
-Shatter the Ice
-Beneath the Glacier/Ice
-Sea of Change
-Changing Tides
-Tides of change
-Change the Tides
-emerging from the depths

Selected three to vote on FaceBook
-Shatter the Ice
-Change the Tides
-Emerging from the depths

Tuesdays at seven is the committee for DOS dance, and DOS
-At Hope informal meeting,

Next week will be the phone bank:
-Bring cell phone, lab-top, headphones,
-It won’t be imitating, we will help you go through the call, towards the marriage of equality. 
-Goal to blow up their system, to beat the against the “haters” of marriage equality. 
-Brian will put up a cover photo to get people’s attention on FaceBook

Adjourned at 6:54

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GSA Minuets 2-7-13

Brian, Jess, Nick, Brenten, David C, Hannah, Alex, James, Cheyenne, Ryan, Skylar, Austin, Dana,

Start Meeting: 6:07

Name, major, what you plan on doing besides classes tomorrow?

Nick: computer engine, Spanish, no plans do homework,
Brian: Want to make a snow mountain, with people, or in providence, chemical engine
Jess: Excited, and not going to do anything, no major
Cheyenne: psychology major, pretend to do work, and watch scrubs
Alex: Being at home, secondary ed, math,
Austin, computer science, apply for navel undersea college internship,
Skylar, Pretend to learn
Ryan: Pharmacy, convince bbf to come down, Sherlock TV show
Hennah: animal science major, hang out with david’s b-day
David: enviromental science, practice in the morning and have a nice birthday
James: bio, to see friends, hang out and find something to do
Dana: molecular bio, marketing, build a snowman

This semester:
--Marriage equilty, day of silence, RISCP
--Need to work on Day of Silence examples of last year:
1) more time from last year’s craziness
2)no vocal supporters didn't go well and they were going to just talk and no one spoke out, different to do in college than high school.
3) Gave out pins towards people that came to our booth

Some brainstorming ideas for give away gifts/sellers: stickers, t-shirts (alliance for whole, pins for rest)

-sell shirts during day
-Want GSA shirts, by: one love weekend?, March 25 dead line.
-Design due in 2 weeks
-Sizes, color (t-dye), company, type of t-shirt, 



DOS: 4-19

-make up a committee to focus on this topic,
-where we will set up, booths, advertising to right groups, working with sec committee, Tonya would be in charge but also helping to run,

Committee: Tonya, James, Dana, Brenten
Time: extra meeting than GSA: TBA
(Nick walks in, says speech, and is updated)

DOS Dance: 4-19
-SASA, SAWA, LASA (can help out)
-RAK: be nice, no matter what, (try to get them to help, and will be a big help to us getting the word out for DOS)
-Other groups: Want to them to help: TOMS, Athletics, Greek life,
-Need to be beneficial for them to help:

-H/W: try to find ways to get people involved. 
Committee: Nick, Jess, David, Tonya, Cheyenne,

DOS buttons, Ally, have enough supplies for 700 buttons, (Cost of button 7c, premium buttons)
-Talk about this in committee

Marriage Equality:

-phone bank (Dana came up with idea)
-hoping to do it for next meeting, 21st is the phone bank,
-Has a lot of impact, and can be fun together, we will run a workshop how to do a phone bank, and maybe do one call, we also want it to make it an open event.  (get active event)

-For the 21 bring computer, phone, headset w/ speaker,
-We will have a baking day on the Wednesday contact Jess.
-For V-Day, special meeting, chocolates, bring significant other.

Meeting adjourned: 6:55

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Discussion of the Sims: we are all either sex perverts or murderers, except Ryan.

Meeting begins 6:08: Sims discussion was very important.

Jessica names everyone. She gets one wrong: my name is actually Cher.

Icebreaker: name one thing you enjoyed over break.

This week is World’s AIDs Week: we are co-sponsors.

-- We get free advertising (yay!). We just have to advertise for their events.

Break the Silence event happening in the Union. TBA.

--Brian reads stats about AIDs.

11/28 10:30am-3pm: HIV clinic in the union. GSA will go as a group @ 12pm, led by Tonay. Jess will lead a second group @ 2pm.

Ace of Cakes: Monday 12/3 4pm-7pm. People going for whole event: Brenton, Sarah, Mel, Skyler, and Tonay. Led by: Tonay and Mel.

--Choosing Team Name: Alliance of rainbow unicorns
---We all surplundged into decorating our cake, then Bryan announces that he will be sending out the rubric to the leader/coordinator.

Today is Harvey Milks Anniversary of his death.
--Bryan said several quotes and one in particular was "Hope will never be silent"

We were asked to do a focus group, (Learning and assessing LGBTQ issues, discussing LGBTQ advocate organizations, and groups offered by them.) Matt Forkay may be a speaker?
--List of people that want to attend:
---7-8:30: Going-Austin, Devlin, Tonay, David, Jessica, Dania, Brandon, Mel, Sarah, Chyanne*
----If you are attending you need to send us an emial containing a bio of you. (Gender, HIV/Status, Age, Home Town/State, Name, Race/Ethnicity, Any Comments)
-----There will be a cam-recorder so dress accordingly, and try not to be a teachers pet and do your homework on organizations because they want to not have bias.
------There is a conciliation gift given to people that go!!

Exposure is throwing a Martigra party (Thursday, inside Ballroom, 5 dollars, 10pm)

Devlin is also selling 2 tickets to Disco Dance (7 dollars)

HIV/AIDs Testing Tomorrow at Noon, Meet in Airport lounge.

Meeting adjourned at    

<![CDATA[Minutes of November 13]]>Fri, 16 Nov 2012 17:39:08 GMThttp://urigsa.weebly.com/meeting-minutes/minuets-of-november-13Picture
Meeting adjourned 6:30

Introductions: Name, where they live, and place they would love to visit some day.

Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20th)

-In the past, GSA has was have a march around campus, while holding pink/purple glow sticks to resemble candles.
-Also a speaker took lace after the march, talking about the day of remembrance.  

To do list;
-To find info on how we can get involved on this day of remembrance.

-A suggestion was to go around campus writing names of transgender people that have died in chalk. on the 19th. (Consist of Name of the day, name of the person, and date of life, and we can't write on sides of buildings.)

-Another way is creating a flyer of a list of names of trans people, and passing them out around campus, or posting them up around campus to spread the word.  

Someone also sugested that we post on Facebook about the events happening on our campus, and that Transgender Day of Rememberance is going on, on the 20th of this month.

-From the past GSA has made a how to be a good ally, if there is anything that you find wrong with it, or want to add just email me or Brian at uri.gsa@gmail.com

-If you want to find information about the Transgender Day of Rememberance you can go link to Transgenderdor.org

Meeting Dissmissed: 6:43

<![CDATA[Introductory Meeting]]>Thu, 06 Sep 2012 09:03:36 GMThttp://urigsa.weebly.com/meeting-minutes/introductory-meetingWe started off the year with a meeting before classes begin for the Fall semester. We introduced the Gay Straight Alliance with a brief history of the organization an an overview of the goals for the year.

This year, the focus is on Advocating for change. It's a political year and we will focus on providing education and information about the fight for Marriage Equality and the Employment Non-Disrimination Act [ENDA] as well as work to improve Campus Climate through activism in the form of embracing acceptance and going out into the community to break down silos to bring various populations together.

Slides from the presentation are in a slideshow below.
<![CDATA[March 28]]>Thu, 05 Apr 2012 05:25:56 GMThttp://urigsa.weebly.com/meeting-minutes/march-28GSA minutes/to do list To do list:

Security paperwork (talk to Sherri): Jessica 
promo paperwork for SPO: Brian 
catering waiver form: Brian 
check requisition forms: Brian 
put together Diversity Fund: Brian/Shannon 
FB event: Dario

Party Management 
We need probably about ten people, for check-in, photo-booth, food, security, and patrol. Volunteers: Brian, Shannon, Jessica, Drew, Dario, possibly Matt

Publicity: Print paperworks by Friday, reach out to other school’s GSAs. Dario will contact PR society.

Decorations: We’re going shopping on April 2 around 5.

Shirts: Jessica’s getting quotes, Dario preorders

DoS: book quad for 4/13

<![CDATA[March 23]]>Thu, 05 Apr 2012 05:25:13 GMThttp://urigsa.weebly.com/meeting-minutes/march-23Budget 
-Decorations: $300 
-DJ: $200 
-Promo: $200 
-Security: $927.50 
-Total: $1,620.50

Day  of Silence 
-Hand out pledge cards 
-Hand out buttons 
-Book Union booth for 11, 12, 13 (12-2) 
-Book Hope for the 11 & 12 (5:30-8) ]]>
<![CDATA[Meeting minutes February 29th]]>Fri, 02 Mar 2012 17:15:00 GMThttp://urigsa.weebly.com/meeting-minutes/meeting-minutes-february-29th
Meeting minutes 4/29

1) Email and follow up with speakers
        * Jen, Abu, President Dooley
        * Ask Sherry about the table/backdrop
2) Posters
        * make them tonight
3) Registration table
        * Pledge cards
                *Ideas for what to say: speak up against harassment, promote equality, celebrate individuality, stop bullying                
                 before it begins, random acts of kindness, believe in yourself. “No man is an island.” –John Donne 
                * Format: checklist, printed on cardstock, quarter sheets. Brian will print them out
* Registration/email list
4) MC: Brian & Jessica ]]>
<![CDATA[Love is Louder Fliers]]>Tue, 28 Feb 2012 04:44:26 GMThttp://urigsa.weebly.com/meeting-minutes/love-is-louder-fliers
<![CDATA[Meeting minutes: February 22, 2012]]>Thu, 23 Feb 2012 17:11:29 GMThttp://urigsa.weebly.com/meeting-minutes/meeting-minutes-february-22-2012February 22, 2012
GSA Meeting Notes

  • Day of Silence
        Black shirts, white writing
        Possible design/logo: Don’t speak/don’t hate, a voice among the silent

        5 Cent Cigar ads (2 free spots a month)
        Pledge cards
        We need to book a booth in the Union! Do it as soon as possible
        Also need to book Hope
    Movie showing 
         Possible movies: Milk, the Kids are All Right, Love Free or Die
         We’d need to buy movie rights, but the diversity fund might help
  • Dance
     We need a budget!
     We also need a music/MC
          Create a playlist consisting of club music, a masquerade remix, dubstep, hiphop, Lady Gaga, Spanish music,
      Staging & Lights: figure out how much it costs
      Food: pizza, soda, cookies. We also need someone to man the table
          Confetti? Maybe too messy
          Posters: the design isn’t covered, but we believe the actual printing can be funded
          A photobooth in the event. We have a few options: we can run it ourselves,
              google a service to do the work, rent a green screen and edit ourselves. It can also be a fundraiser option if we charge
         Color scheme: red, black, and gold/white
         Giant mask? As a decoration
For next week:

* We need to book the union for both events

*  Put letters in mailboxes

*  Talk to other clubs

*  Talk to alexa roy?

*   Finalize events